Caring Alcohol & Drug Rehab Center

Addiction is a reality for many. The struggle to reach and maintain long-term sobriety can be overwhelming. If you are highly spiritual, faith-based treatments offer a unique and effective approach. You can heal through your strong beliefs, undergoing a positive transformation.

With the proper guidance, finding yourself amongst your addiction is attainable. Christian rehabs allow individuals to seek treatment in a safe, comfortable, and spiritually driven environment. Once you focus on the core spiritual issues, you will be able to tackle your addiction.

If you are looking for faith-based rehabs in Florida, Into Action will provide you with the care and spiritual healing you desire. We face addiction head on, approaching your concerns from a spiritual perspective. If your faith is important to you, then you will most certainly benefit from our faith-based recovery programs. Perhaps you feel as though you’ve lost your spiritual connection with God. We can help you heal, aiding in your addiction, while strengthening your faith once again.

Not only will you receive the help you deserve, you will feel supported in an atmosphere that shares your core values. This can make the healing process much easier, as you will feel safe and comfortable. We will target your religious, psychological, and physical needs. This approach is highly successful, as you seek forgiveness from both yourself and God.

 Why Choose a Faith-Based Rehab Center?

 1. Those around you share your beliefs

If you are surrounded by others that share your faith, you will have a mutual understanding of one another. You will soon realize that many people of faith struggle with addiction. You can be an effective support team to one another, while strengthening your faith. Group therapy is highly beneficial in terms of shared beliefs. It allows our clients to grow with one another, while they re-build their lost connection with God.

2. You can speak openly about your spiritual needs

At a traditional rehab center, faith is not generally a concern. Although you may free to speak about your faith in traditional rehabilitation centers, it is not a central component of treatment. At our faith-based drug rehabilitation center, you can speak with our staff at any point regarding your faith. We openly encourage words of faith, pray, and forgiveness.

3. You can grow as a person, re-connecting with the beliefs that are so important to you

Addiction can create a person that you no longer recognize. You may feel lost and alone. By seeking treatment within our faith-based treatment center, you can grow and develop. You will re-connect with yourself and God, providing a highly positive experience.


What Our Christian Rehab Center In Florida Offers Our Clients


At Into Action, we provide the highest level of care and understanding. You can seek forgiveness for the guilt and shame you have experienced in the past. We will help you reach long-term sobriety, while building and healing your faith. The following are the top five reasons that Into Action is the best faith-based rehabs in Florida:

1. We Lead With Christian Teachings and Beliefs

This allows our clients to stay well connected to their faith as we assist them on their road to recovery. We promote spiritual healing, along with physical and psychological healing. Through Christian beliefs, we allow our clients to feel safe, protected, and hopeful. Many strengthen their faith, experiencing a positive transition through our methods and assistance. As you build your relationship with God, you will be able to achieve forgiveness and heal from your addiction that has trapped you for far too long.

2. Like-Minded Community

We have created an environment of like-minded individuals. When you are surrounded by others that have a strong faith, they provide a unique support system. If you have felt as though your faith has been diminishing throughout your addiction, these individuals will help you restore your faith. As you restore your faith, you will find a higher level of inner strength. You can then harness this strength to overcome your addiction.

3. We Incorporate Traditional Methods

Along with our Christian-driven approach, we provide various therapies and counseling services that would be found in more traditional rehabilitation centers. This balance provides an effective and comfortable treatment plan. Cognitive-behavioral therapy for example, is highly beneficial for those that struggle with addiction. This therapy focuses on your thought patterns and behaviors. Based on those elements, you can begin to change the way you think and act. Cognitive behavioral therapy allows you to make a connection with the way you feel and think, so that you can implement change.

4. A Safe, Comfortable, and Respectful Environment

At Into Action, our faith-based recovery programs provide an option that is safe and effective. We make our clients feel at ease, providing an environment that is understanding and respectful. We do not judge anyone that walks through our doors. We believe in making our clients feel comfortable and supported. You will not only have the support of highly trained staff, but the support of God. We encourage our clients to reach out to God, strengthening their faith.

5. Incredible Staff

At Into Action, our staff is well-trained, respectful, and supportive. Our clients build strong, open relationships within a trusting environment. We maintain confidentiality, as we respect your privacy. If you have any concerns, you are welcomed to call one of our friendly staff members to address any questions you may have. They will provide you with the options you deserve, offering immediate assistance if desired. Our team is here for you every step of the way.

If you are struggling with addiction, please remember that you’re not alone. If you are looking to re-connect with your faith, we will help you strengthen your beliefs and connection with God. You deserve the best possible care, so please do not hesitate to call Into Action. You no longer need to be a slave to your addiction, it’s time to heal. Long-term sobriety is attainable, take advantage of our incredible opportunities today.