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We Offer an Easier, Softer Way of Rehabilitation

We Keep You Comfortable in a Luxury Style Environment!


At Oasis, we understand that addiction is not entirely your fault. There can be many reasons for the cause of addiction, many of them uncontrollable. Everyone has or will struggle at some point in their lives, some struggle more than others. Many times we try to find an outlet in those times of conflict. Those things we fall back on may or may not be healthy. Many turn to alcohol, drugs, or other damaging activities that can turn into an addiction before you even realize it.


At Oasis, we are not here to scrutinize you or tell you about the dangers of addiction, as we know you’ve probably heard those things numerous times already. No, we want to free you from the hold that addiction has on you so that you can begin on the path to a better life. The first thing we want to do is congratulate you on making the decision to improve your life and defeat addiction.


Our mission at Oasis is to make sure you are as comfortable as possible during your treatment.


We can ensure this as we offer you a:


Strong Liquid Narcotic Cocktail 4x Per Day*

In Reducing Doses Until You Are Clean

All in Our Controlled Facility


What You Can Expect?


We respect our patients and want to ensure that their dignity stays intact by not allowing them to experience sickness from withdrawal. The medication we provide allows the alcohol or drug detox process to be as gentle as possible. Our facility provides the relaxed environment you need to feel safe and comfortable during the entire process.


Experience no ‘cold-turkey’ withdrawal symptoms with our treatments.


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You will know that you are getting well because you will sleep nicely and eat delicious meals and that indescribably horrible dope sick feeling will be absent.


Our Staff


oasis-lobbyOur staff members here at Oasis are professional yet extremely caring people who very much want to help you. They are here to listen to you and get to know you so that they can help you get to the bottom of what is causing your addiction. In all honesty this process can be very difficult, especially if there are underlying hardships or tragedy associated with your addiction. You will, however, not be alone as our caring staff members are always available to make sure you are comfortable while helping you solve any addiction-related issues.


Many of our staff members understand what you are going through as they too have been through this process and are recovered addicts. They are also here to show you that you can overcome any challenges you may face in your journey just like they did. They are nothing but compassionate and very attentive to your needs, and it’s for these reasons that we can ensure a comfortable and successful stay for you at our facility.


Personalized help: That’s the Oasis way


ManHeadMassage1We understand what you need to have a successful treatment:


  • Our treatments are gentle so you have no sickness or withdrawals.
  • Our facility is a comfortable, home-style environment so you can relax.
  • We offer several amenities for you to enjoy such as massages, salon services, games, exercise rooms, gourmet kitchen, movies and more.
  • Our staff members, many having been where you are right now, are very attentive and care about you and your well being.


All of these features and more are what make for a successful rehab at our facility. We provide you with freedom of choice and surround you in a relaxed environment with caring people because we know that this will be key to helping you through this process. Addiction does not have to be what defines your life. Let us help you on the path to living a better, healthier lifestyle. Contact us today!

1-(888) 988-5535

*Comfort medications are given on an as need basis and must be administered within a span of 6 hours.